Nuji raises $2m to launch stunning new iPhone app

Nuji raises $2m to launch a stunning new iPhone app that they're aiming to be the Amazon of fashion and lifestyle products.

Nuji raises $2m seed round from TAG, Seedcamp, Samos and various angels to launch stunning new app.

"The aim for this round is to build a great product that sets us up for growth stage. We're seeing signs of success in this strategy as we released our new website a few weeks ago and have since doubled our engagement metrics including time on site, pageviews, clicks to retailers and the bounce rate has halved" - Dean Fankhauser

They're also getting ready to launch a new app that has millions of curated fashion and lifestyle products.

"It's like carrying around a curated department store with millions of fashion and lifestyle products in your pocket" - Dean Fankhauser

"Lots of people have spoken about mobile being the future of shopping but we struggle to believe that people will have an app for every brand or store they shop at. Because Nuji has basically every fashion and lifestyle brand from pretty much every store on the Internet, we have the opportunity to be the one app for all your fashion and lifestyle shopping needs" - Dean Fankhauser

It was also very important to the team at Nuji to design something mobile first and not just take a scaled down version of the website as other shopping apps have done. 

"When looking at other shopping apps, they felt clunky, bloated and confusing. We wanted to completely re-think what shopping can be with mobile and use what's unique about mobile to engage with shoppers in a much more personal and fun way" - Dean Fankhauser

Amazon is the one-stop app for all books and electronics. Nuji wants to be that app for fashion and lifestyle. They're aiming to do it while making the app incredibly simple and beautiful.